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Milo Barsanti-Gonzalez
Chicago, Illinois

My passion is telling stories.


Whether it be through a portrait of students working hard towards their marketing degrees or a video depicting a business’ success and transformation through new strategic initiatives, I strive to keep my viewers captivated and engaged from start to finish.


My roots began in DeKalb, Illinois, where I received my BFA in New Media Arts at Northern Illinois University. While attending classes, I created a position for myself within the university, providing video services to the Division of University Advancement. After graduation in December of 2015, I maintained my full-time position as Multimedia Communications Specialist -- creating video content that aided in securing several multi-million dollar donations and pushing the message of philanthropy to the school’s patrons. During my tenure at Northern, I began working with several large and small scale companies and business in a freelance setting. This allowed me to expand my services beyond video, mastering skills associated with motion graphics, photography, graphic design, art direction, and creative consulting.


After leaving my position at NIU in the summer of 2017, in addition to my already substantial list of clients, I have been working on the staff of Elgin Community College. Through my creative direction in video, I bring the story of the college to life visually and with a youthful feel. This has lead to increased viewership on the college’s marketing content and a bit more excitement regarding the content we push out.


I belong to several clubs and leadership organizations, marketing myself and networking with friends, acquaintances, and fellow creatives. While I am not behind the camera as much as I once was, I am incredibly fluent in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and spend a lot of my time guiding my colleagues through creative endeavors and art directing on set. My ability to communicate effectively and shepard those working under me stems from my experience in those fields. I can lead when asked, follow when guided, and work effectively in a team setting, paying close attention to the role that I am tasked with.


In all my roles that I have served in and continue to serve in, I always maintained the same idea --  Creativity pushes boundaries. With that simple thought, companies and organizations can inspire those they serve in ways that only creative marketing and branding can. Instead of letting culture influence marketing, let’s let marketing influence culture -- that’s what we in this industry do best.


"I think my favorite part of a project is to see the first rough cut or concept and to share that moment with everyone who put their hearts into the project."

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Telly Silver Award: NIU, Huskies United 

AVA Digital Platinum Award: Special Event Video

Vega Arcturus Award: Logo Unveiling Video

Davey Silver Award: ‘Brand New Brand’ Video

Zedman Gold Award: ‘Brand New Brand’ Video

Muse (3) Gold Awards: Event & Branding Video

Hermes Honorable Mention: Logo Unveiling Video

Communicator Award of Distinction: Brand Promo Video

Telly Bronze Award: Logo Unveiling Video

Other highlights include: 

  • Produced video featured on USA Today and Sports Illustrated websites, receiving well over 80k views over night.

  • Produced music video which currently sits at over 1.7M views on YouTube.

  • Produced and creatively lead video initiative for a small college, more than doubling viewership based on creative alone.   

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